• CASE will have a major presence at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Austin Texas January 2018. CASE sponsors the booth #737 for the American Association of State Climatologists. CASE presents ZikaZoneUSA--An Experience in Climate and Health Product Development Marjorie McGuirk, CASE Consultants International, Asheville, NC; and B. Lugo and J. Hicks; The Climate Resilient Grid: A Report on the Forum on Energy, Climate, and the Grid. Marjorie McGuirk, CASE Consultants International, Asheville, NC; and J. Dissen and S. Herring; Climate Resilient Engagement - One Firm's Experience and a Vision for the Future Scott Shuford, CASE Consultants International, Asheville, NC; and M. McGuirk, R. D. Copenhaver, A. Keller, and E. Shea
  • CASE is highlighted in press with the Asheville chapter of the American Institute for Architects(AIA) who began collaborating five years ago, when Marjorie McGuirk, founder of CASE Consultants International, decided to better inform architects about climate change and approached the Asheville AIA with the idea of an educational forum.
  • WRAL-TV: Asheville NC Climate Company Sponsors Climate Education for Professionals -[November 1, 2017]: CASE Consultants International presents workshops at The Collider that bring climate experts together with architect and health professionals to explore the impacts to their customers and constituents that changing weather patterns present.  [Read here.]
  • MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Asheville asthma forum focuses on resilient solutions to fight climate change -[November 22, 2017]: Resilience — a take-charge attitude that can help communities deal with the effects of climate change — dominated a forum titled “Climate and Respiratory Health — Focus Asthma” at The Collider on Nov. 9, [Read here]
  • BPR NEWS: A Climate-Health Connection In WNC -[November 12, 2017]: More dust, longer allergy seasons were just a few of the presentation talking points by climate scientists and public health officials who gathered at CASE's Climate and Respiratory Health workshop, on the climate health business connection. [Listen and read here.]
  • WAFB-TV: HEALTHeWeather Introduces Climate Science-based Solution for Asthma Triggers -[November 6, 2017]: CASE client and HEALTHeWeather CEO, Eric Klos, introduces vision for bringing personalized weather insights for better patient health. [Read here.]

Sample Stakeholders

Our Projects

CASE associates engage in and contribute to many efforts, some publicly available:

Professional Continuing Education -

Mainstreaming climate science into professional practice

CASE provides climate education to professionals that seek means to incorporate the latest climate science into their work in professional planning, architecture, landscaping, civil engineering, transportation, infrastructure design and much, much more. CASE is proud to be a certified provider of continuing professional education with the American Planning Association.

See more detail at our Speaking of Climate blog

  • The Medical Society Consortium - Clean Air Carolina, The Collider, Green Built Alliance, and CASE Consultants International are pleased to sponsor Climate and Respiratory Health – Focus on Asthma, along with collaboration from NOAA’s Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites, on Thursday, November 9th, at The Collider, in Asheville, North Carolina. This event brings together climate scientists, environmental health specialists, public health experts, technologists, and healthcare professionals to focus on the impact of the current and future weather and the environment on respiratory health.
  • Asheville NC, October 31, 2017: CASE Consultants International presents two important workshops in Asheville NC in November that bring climate experts together with architect and health professionals to explore the impacts to their customers and constituents that changing weather patterns present.
  • Game-Changing Resilient Infrastructure CASE Consultants International and the American Planning Association (APA) present a continuing education symposium featuring top experts in the field of resilient infrastructure that changes the character of communities. Case studies illustrate the importance of these projects to both climate mitigation and adaptation and to the economic future and self-image of communities. These include: North Carolina’s first “green street,” the High Line project in New York City, and several green infrastructure projects in the host city of Asheville, North Carolina. How to get these projects designed, funded and implemented are focal points of the agenda.
  • Climate Wise Brownfields CASE Consultants International, a certified education provider with the American Planning Association (APA), presents a continuing education symposium featuring top experts in the field of brownfields.  “Climate Wise Brownfields”  symposium benefits professional planners, stormwater managers, economic developers, landscape architects, realtors, property assessors and other practitioners. 
  • "Resilient Places:  Planning for Our Future" an educational symposium for regional, town and county planners in collaboration with the American Planning Association and The Collider: February 24-25, 2017, Asheville. Program Chair Mr. Scott Shuford, AICP, Featured speaker Phillip Horne, principal of Altura Advisors, Assistant Vice President at The George Washington University – Columbian College of Arts and Sciences,  “Financing Green Infrastructure,” Altura’s unique and far-reaching funding opportunities for nonprofit organizations, including capital projects such as construction and renovation as well as green tech projects - See Press Release.
  • Invited lecture: McGuirk, Marjorie.  Educating Climate Practitioners: Mainstreaming Climate Science, Thirteenth International Seminar on Climate Systems and Climate Change (ISCS), 11-22 July 2016, Chengdu, China, Beijing Climate Center

  • Glackin, Mary, Marjorie McGuirk, Lenny Bernstein, May 2013. Mainstreaming Climate Change into the Professional Societies – Business Plan for Continuing Education Units, CASE Consultants International, Asheville, North Carolina

  • "Climate Resilient Design in the Southeast" An educational symposium in collaboration with the American Institute for Architects and the Collider: Read the Symposium Summary

  • Future Shock: Climate Resilient Architecture The Mountain Xpress

  • Mainstreaming Climate Change into the Liberal Arts studies by supporting UNC-Asheville's program on Climate Change and Society.

Climate Change and Transportation

  • Highway Weather Closure Narratives and Impacts - Cambridge Systematic - a Narrative Study of weather's impacts on specific highways by the American Association of  State Climatologists, Glenn Kerr and Marjorie McGuirk, Editors Contributing authors: Lukas Buehler,  Jim Angel, James DeGrand Noland Doeskan, David Robinson, Nancy Selover, Kyle Imhoff, Collin McKallar, Dennis Todey, Stephanie McAfee, Stephanie, Karin Burnbaco, Nicholas Bond.  February 2016.
  • US Dept of Transportation. Regional Assessment of Weather Impacts on Freight, Final Report. Technical Report Cambridge Systematics. Washington, DC: Federal Highway Administration, January 2016 - Researching the weather impacts on trucking freight on the nation's highways, Authors: Daniel Krechmer, Noel Perry, Sarahjoy Gallaher, Marjorie McGuirk, Thomas Burnett, and Katherine Blizzard.
  • Weather Exposure Analysis Report, Cambridge Systematics, CASE Consultants International, Technical report to Regional Assessment of Weather Impacts on Freight, Federal Highway Administration, February 2016. Authors: Marjorie McGuirk, Tom Burnett, and Lucas Buehler.
  • Assessing the vulnerabilities of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor transportation assets as a result of potential climate change impact
  • Invited Lecture:  McGuirk, Marjorie, Weather and Climate Change Impacts on Transportation Systems, Thirteenth International Seminar on Climate Systems and Climate Change (ISCS), 11-22 July 2016, Chengdu, China, Beijing Climate Center
  • Invited Topic of the United Nation's World Meteorological Organization: McGuirk, M., S. Shuford, T.C. Peterson, and P. Pisano. " Weather and climate change implications for surface transportation in the USA." Bulletin of the WMO, 58, 84-93, 2009
  • Commissioned by the National Research Council's Transportation Research Board: Peterson, T.C., M. McGuirk, T.G Houston, A.H. Horvitz, and M.F. Wehner. 2008. “Climate Variability and Change with Implications for Transportation.” The Potential Impacts of Climate Change on U.S. Transportation. Special Research Report 290, Washington D.C.: National Research Council. Transportation Research Board.

Climate Change and Public Health

Assessing Climate and Health

  • HEALTHeWeather Introduces Climate Science-based Solution for Asthma Triggers See Press Release
    Evidence-based research performed by CASE involves meta-research in the clinical studies. Our literature review was aimed at identifying the correlation between weather and environmental exposures specifically for allergy and asthma.  In addition, the research sought to identify specific weather and environmental exposure thresholds that correlate to a higher incidence of symptoms for allergy sufferers or negative health outcomes for asthma patients.  These thresholds form the basis for our calculation of the original DailyBreath Risk Index. 

  • Climatic Variables and Dengue - Exploring Cases in Southeast Florida. 14th Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop (CPASW), 22-24 March, 2016 NOAA Burlington, Vermont,  Bunilda Lugo, Ph.D
  • Climate Products and Services Market Analysis: Health Sector Engagement. 14th Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop (CPASW), 22-24 March, 2016 NOAA Burlington, Vermont, McGuirk, Marjorie.
  • Correlation Analysis of Climatic Variables, Migration, and Dengue Cases in Southeast Florida Enhancing Environmental Health Knowledge (EEK): Vectors and Public Health Pests. Virtual Conference. April 13-14, 2016. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Environmental Health Association, Denver.  Brunilda Lugo, Ph.D.

Are you in a Zika Zone?  Be aware and Prepare! 

  • As reported by Business Wire, we've created a product ZikaZoneUSA that helps people answer the question "Are You in a Zika Zone". The Beta test is hibernated pending evaluation of user needs.
  • Business Wire "A new tool in the fight against the Zika virus,, goes live today. pinpoints where recent ecological conditions favor the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the primary vector of the Zika virus. The analysis shown at provides an up-to-date map of where conditions are prime for the Zika-spreading mosquito to breed, bite, and potentially infect humans with the Zika virus." 
  • Zika Zone is a Joint Venture between FernLeaf Interactive and CASE Consultants International

​Climate Change and Landscape Architecture

  • Tuch, David P., Michael J. Brewer, and Marjorie McGuirk, The effects of global climate change on the landscape: the role of landscape architecture in adaptation strategies,19th Conference on Applied Climatology, American Meteorological Society, Equinox Environmental Consultation & Design, Inc., NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, NC, July 2011
  • Tuch, D., M.J. Brewer, M. McGuirk, F. Grogan, and M. Anderson (2011) Effects of Global Climate Change on the Water Cycle and Water Quality : The Use of Stormwater Best Management Practices to Address Future Impacts. World Environmental & Water Resources Congress Conference, Palm Springs, CA, May 2011.

International Climate Consulting

  • Invited expert on special assignment to the United Nations World Meteorological Organization in Geneva Switzerland to complete the Report of the High Level Task Force "Climate Knowledge for Action – A Global Framework for Climate Services – Empowering the Most Vulnerable”, reviewed by expert panels and governments world-wide
  • On special assignment to World Meteorological Organization drafted The WMO Position Paper for the Global Framework for Climate Services (40pp)  (September-October 2009).  Letter of accommodation by the Secretary General of WMO addressed to NOAA leadership for exemplary performance.
  • Consulting and review the climate strategy and implementation plan for Tokelau Government called Living with Change: Enhancing the Resilience of Tokelau for Climate Change and Related Hazards, LivC STRATEGYand LivC ROAD MAP OF ACTIONS

Climate Change and the Arctic
The Melting Arctic and New Trade Routes

Informing Decisions related to Weather and Climate

Our Offer

At CASE Consultants International, we offer tailored climate services to our clients both in program planning and in applied science. We strive to:

  • Develop Climate Action Plans to provide authoritative, easily accessible, usable, and timely data, information, and decision-support tools on climate preparedness and resilience 
  • Interpret  scientific projections and conduct meta research for applications in shipping, freight, landscaping, architecture, public health, food security, disaster risk reduction, and water resources 
  • Develop strategic plans and consult on needs assessment, analysis of capabilities, and best practices 
  • Mainstream climate science into professional practice
  • Conduct climate education events and communication strategies

Our Approach

CASE operates as an affiliated consultancy, with seasoned practitioners and accredited professionals. Our team’s approach is to engage project partners and stakeholders in a collaborative process to develop creative solutions to their most pressing issues. We draw on a diverse range of experience that informs the approach to customized, yet effective climate services for our clients.  CASE works collaboratively with our projects’ partners and brings targeted resources to the climate related issues our clients face. We begin every process to determine the climate-related aspects of the issues they face  by asking: What does the science say? Why is the science important to our client? How does the science affect our client’s future?

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