June 23, 2017 Eileen Shea leads discussion on the Value of NCEI

Eileen Shea speaks about the Federal Budget Process and how it relates to climate services in our region. 

In the first in a series of presentations and talks, CASE explains the budgeting process and provides a factual understanding of the significant contribution NOAA makes to the Asheville, Western North Carolina and The Collider.

Eileen Shea of CASE Consultants International and former Chief of Climate Services Division at NOAA National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI) presents an overview of the Federal budget process and how NOAA provides critical climate science and information services here in Asheville. 

See Presentation Here:  The Federal Budget Process by Eileen Shea

This session is the first of a recurring informal “Lunch and Learn” series to help Asheville and Western North Carolina residents more fully understand:

  • How the NOAA National Center for Environmental Information, the NC State’s Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites (CICS-NC), and the USAF’s 14th Weather Squadron provide business opportunities in Asheville and Western North Carolina.
  • The economic impact that NOAA’s budget has on the Asheville and the Western North Carolina economy.  
  • The federal budgeting process and how Presidential budget proposals are transformed by Congress into specific funding decisions.
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May 19, 2017 Eileen Shea leads discussion on the Federal Budget Process

Eileen Shea speaks about the Federal Budget Process and how it relates to climate services in our region. 

April 28, 2017 Eileen Shea to lead discussions on Impact of FY 2018 President Budget on NOAA Asheville

Eileen Shea takes the leads as the point person to discuss the impact of the Administration's proposed FY 2018 budget on NOAA in Asheville.

NOAA We Got Your Back - March for Science Asheville Credit CASE

Eileen Lavonne Shea  Senior Climate Policy Advisor for CASE Consultants International, specializes in understanding the vulnerability of businesses, communities and natural resources to changing climate conditions and providing climate information to address those issues. She was formerly the Chief of the Climate Services and Monitoring Division of the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville, NC (now NCEI).  In that capacity, Eileen was responsible for data access, integration and visualization, customer engagement, education and outreach; and international, national and regional climate services partnerships. She takes on the task of exploring NCEI's value to the Western North Carolina area.

NOAA in our Neighborhood - The Value of NOAA National Centers for Enviromental Information

Our society depends on science to provide the sound foundations for the many decisions we make every day. CASE Consultants International depends on authentic data provided principally throughNOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information. As a corporate member of Friends of NOAA, CASE is pleased to inform people about NOAA's importance in our region and the world. On this page we highlight some of the valuable contributions climate science brings to our lives, business and communities. We gratefully acknowledge the leadership in the community of Western North Carolina who support this work. 

What is the value of NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information - Climate in Asheville to the region's economic vitality? CASE associate Ms. Eileen Shea and Coey Atkins of Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce explore this question at a presentation held at The Collider.

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