Molly Walker CASE Business Manager. Molly has a background in Human Resources, banking, finance and accounting. With Worley, Woodbury and Associates, Molly handles all aspects of the front office administration, and streamlined back-office production for CASE contracts, employees, associates, and accounts.

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Anne E. Keller, Ph.D. a Senior Environmental Engineering Scientist, who focuses on community sustainability, a advises CASE. She has with nearly 30 years’ experience working in state and federal agencies in sustainability, water quality, and aquatic toxicology.  At EPA, she worked on strategic planning for the regional office, assisted with states on water quality programs, served as the River Navigator on the St. Johns River, Florida, as part of the American Heritage Rivers Initiative, and coordinated the southeast region’s inter-agency Partnership for Sustainable Communities. In the latter position, she participated with HUD, FEMA, USDA, USDOT and other federal partners in workshops and projects across the southeast that enabled communities to enhance their health, economic strength, and environmental quality.

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Scott Shuford  AICP, Community Planning and Resilience Principal, has over 35 years of professional experience in all phases of short- and long-range planning, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and facilitation of strategic development and redevelopment.  His experience includes service in senior planning positions in North Carolina and Florida, With the University of North Carolina Asheville and NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (now the National Centers for Environmental Information),  Mr. Shuford was lead author on the 2010 American Planning Association report titled Planning for a New Energy and Climate Future.  He is also a co-author of the American Planning Association’s Climate Change Policy Guide.  Mr. Shuford is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and the Urban Land Institute.  Mr. Shuford has particular interest in educating professionals like planners, architects, engineers and landscape architects with regard to the impacts of planet’s future climate on their professions and facilitating small community resilience to climate, weather and economic threats.  Contact Scott

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CASE Consultants International, LLC, a Certified Women Owned Small Business (WOSB), SBA, DUNS 009617568, CAGE 6ZJT6, Operates in NAICS-Codes 541620-Environmental Consulting Services, Research and Development in the Physical and Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Scientific Data and Metadata Analysis, Science Policy, and PSC AB, F series in land conservation, physical and social sciences, Special Studies in environment, and management and training.

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Scientific Information Services
CASE provides staffing to work at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) 151 Patton Avenue in Asheville NC under CASE subcontract to Riverside Technology, inc., the Prime support contractor for NESDIS NCEI PROTECH Scientific Data Stewardship.

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Scott Cave - Continuity of Operations Disaster Risk Reduction specialist, Dylan Sandler - Resilience Planner NYC, Tom Burnet, Ph.D - Hydrological Risk Engineer, Kathleen Finnegan - Researcher, Lukas Buehler - Entrepreneurial Climatologist, David Johnston - Environmental Attorney, Matthew Hutchins - GIS Specialist, Darien Davis - IT AWIPS Specialist, Mary Glackin - Partnerships Executive, Nancy Stannard – Art Director, Caroline Williams - Graphics Artist, Paul Roelle, Ph.D. Colonel USAF (Retired) - Atmospheric Scientist, Tucker Cox - Professional Editor and Writer, Benjamin Gillum - Professional Science Writer, Brunilda Lugo, Ph.D. - Public Health and Vector Borne Disease Expert, Michael Uhart, PH.D. - Professional Manager and Environmental Sciences Consultant, Melissa Garrett - former Legislative Affairs and Budget Analyst for CASE supporting NOAA NCEI.

Government Contract Awards - CASE is a subcontractor on contracts to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Highway Administration, and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

ISciences - CASE Consultants International was selected by ISciences, LLC of Ann Arbor, Michigan, to provide engagement and facilitation services for an ISciences on-going STTR project with the U.S.  Army Engineer Research and Development Center (“ERDC) entitled: Anticipatory Analytics for Environmental Stressors: An open community platform for accelerating environment and security research and development.

Riverside Technology - CASE was selected as a team member with Riverside the awardees of the NOAA ProTech-Satellite Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) SDS contract for NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information,  The ProTech-Satellite Domain will enable the National Centers for Environmental Information to acquire services for scientific data collection and stewardship, and community outreach services to position America's communities for the future.

Cambridge Systematics selected CASE Consultants International as a subcontractor to support Regional Assessment of Weather and Freight Impacts to the PRIME Contract 008743 DTFH61-12-D-00048 Operations TMO 2012 - and a follow on Five year iIDIQ contract DTFH6116D00051beginning 2016 Managing Congestion by
Improving Reliability and Operating the System at Peak Performance - Program Area Road Weather Management.

Consultancy Awards CASE associates provide consultancy services to numerous clients and projects. See Projects page.

Products and services are client-defined. We link end-users with climate data relevant to their needs.  Sample products:

  • Sherwood Design Engineers for Horry County Flood Mitigation planning
  • National and Global Frameworks for Climate Services
  • Adaptation and resilience strategies for cities and small towns
  • Sustained assessments and strategies with USGCRP government agencies
  • Climate-induced displacement primer for international environmental attorneys
  • Climate change considerations for the long-term real estate investor and development industry
  • Predictive algorithms for respiratory health and vector-borne diseases - DailyBreath-asthma and ZikaZoneUSA
  • Climate variability and change impacts on transportation infrastructure with the Transportation Research Board

Lori Hager - Data Archive Specialist, Lori brings her extensive expertise in software and web development as well as experience in database management procedures and documentation to CASE. Passionate about research, Lori recognizes the value of a properly managed archive. A logical thinker and an effective communicator, Lori, in her lifelong professional experience has always prioritized effectively and achieved objectives on time and within budget. A former Microsoft Program Manager at Arvato Bertelsmann, and a professional genealogist, Lori has a  BA in Economics, specializing in the Public Sector.  Lori's exceptionalism greatly improves the archives at NOAA NCEI. Contact:

R. Doug Copenhaver

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Our Expertise

CASE associates and advisors forged the mechanisms of climate services in previous roles with USGCRP, WMO, NOAA, and EPA. As expert consultants in climate services, environmental sciences, city and regional planning, and climate policy,  CASE informs decision-makers who plan for the impacts of climate change. Grounded in the science of international and national climate assessments, CASE anticipates the needs in climate sensitive sectors. Collectively, CASE associates advise, analyze, and apply a breathe of combined expertise to inform a wide range of climate sensitive sectors such as: urban planning, transportation, public policy, public health, disaster risk reduction, water resources, agriculture and food security, energy, and small town resilience.

R. Doug Copenhaver, Commander US Navy (Retired),  combines a Public Policy background with two decades of military experience. As a Diplomat, Project Management Professional,  Operations Director, Naval pilot, and seasoned leader, Doug's experience brings a unique perspective on climate and the strategic risks policy makers face. He advises CASE with strategic insight on a multitude of geopolitical issues ranging from environmental degradation contribution to conflict, to climate change drivers on future maritime infrastructure spending.  Doug's assignments around the world allowed him to build an in-depth understanding of maritime shipping industry issues to include how the opening of the Northern Sea Routes effects National Security.  Doug also brings his experience as a Joint Staff (J2) Division Chief responsible for evaluating future intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. Doug’s first-hand knowledge of DoD capabilities development process, gives him insight into the technical and fiscal challenges projects face when seeking to become, or remain, part of the DoD portfolio. 

Michael Waddle, Program Manager, oversees the daily operations of CASE Consultants International, including contract execution, consultancy agreements, and research for new business opportunities. Specifically, he is tasked with the development of affiliations with corporations, foundations, non-profit, and academic institutions. He is an accomplished program manager, having implemented several U.S. Department of Agriculture programs for non-profit organizations and state governments in both rural and urban contexts. He has worked for a variety of organization, notably: The California Endowment, Capital Area Food Bank, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, and Florida Department of Health. His background in public health helps CASE connect the issue of climate change to vulnerable, under-served populations that are simultaneously adversely affected by climate change and under-represented in science and policy communities. He holds a Masters degree in Public Administration, and has served on the board of the National Commodity Supplemental Food Program Association. Michael is concurrently serving as a subject matter expert in domestic food security matters for ICF Consulting. Contact Michael at

Our Mission

CASE Consultants International applies Climate Arts and Sciences Expertise to inform real-world decisions in climate adaptation, sustainability, and resilience. We mainstream climate science into the practices of climate-sensitive professions.  CASE connects science to solutions.  See Capacity Statement.

Eileen Shea, Senior Climate Policy and Services Director, brings four decades of government and private-sector experience to CASE.  Eileen specializes in understanding the vulnerability of businesses, communities and natural resources to a changing climate and applying climate information to address those issues. Her expertise extends from local, national and international climate services, to sustainable risk management and public policy.  Formerly, as Deputy Director of the NOAA Climate and Global Change Program, Eileen managed a $70 million program with universities and laboratories working in meteorology, climatology, oceanography, marine biology, ocean chemistry and social sciences.  She played a central role in developing the 13-Federal-agency U.S. Global Change Research Program. Eileen was core to NOAA National Climate Service plans, and to effective regional climate products and services. More recently, she was Chief of the Climate Services and Monitoring Division of the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville, NC (now National Centers for Environmental Information).  In that capacity, Eileen was responsible for all processes to integrate, visualize, and access data, customer engagement, education and outreach; and climate services partnerships with international, national, regional and state centers.  Before retiring from Federal service in fall 2014, Eileen served as the NOAA Regional Coordinator for the Pacific Region.  Eileen now serves on many professional and non-profit  Committees and Boards. She is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society. Contact Eileen at

Robert Persons - Data Archive Specialist - As a former Archive Manager and Senior Research Analyst with the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, Rob took a lead role in digitizing the archive and ensured that standards for social science metadata, quality control, and archive procedures were utilized. Rob holds a master’s in political science with a concentration in survey research and a master’s in education. He applies his expertise to managing physical archives at NOAA's NCEI in Asheville. A USAF veteran with flight line operations experience, Rob's motto is "get the job done".  Contact:

Eileen Shea
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Marjorie McGuirk, Founder and President of CASE Consultants International, transforms the latest scientific findings into real world decisions in climate adaptation and sustainability. A professional meteorologist, Marjorie;s decades-long career in climate services with NOAA  and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), helped make sense out of climate science as it applies to a wide variety of sectors.  As a lead U.S. Government Reviewer for the Fifth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, she concentrates particularly on Impacts, Adaptation & Vulnerability. As an Expert Consultant for the WMO, she worked with technical and scientific Commissions in Agriculture, Aviation, Climatology, Hydrology, and Instrumentation. She was a contributing author to the Implementation Plan of the Global Framework for Climate Services for the United Nations. A Principal Author of the User Interface Platform of GFCS, her work underpins international technical collaboration in climate and public health, disaster risk reduction, water resources sectors, and agriculture and food security.  Contact Marjorie McGuirk at or connect on Linkedin.

Leslie Wickes engages with government, academia, non-profits and commerce in ocean, coastal, water, and climate disciplines. She follows a particular interest in facilitating cross-sector solutions to mitigate and adapt to environmental change through transitioning data products to state, local, and private sector decision-makers. Her work spans diverse sectors, including renewable energy, disaster recovery and climate adaptation. Ms. Wickes previously worked at the NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science and has consulted on multiple projects for NOAA, including the National Deep-Sea Corals and Sponges Database, Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment, and climate assessments for the National Marine Sanctuaries. Leslie has also focused on regional initiatives through the Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association, where she managed the Southeast Ocean and Coastal Acidification Network and developed holistic approaches to emerging water quality issues in the context of global change. Ms. Wickes has published multiple peer-reviewed papers, many technical reports, and has a decade of experience leading scientific workshops and projects. She holds a M.S. degree in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston, and a B.S. in Biology, with an Economics Minor from Penn State University. Contact Leslie at

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Peter Doyle  Media Producer, specializes in digital media, film, television and online media production and strategic media, and marketing.   As owner and founder of MMC Media Productions, he has over two decades working in all media, he has produced commercials, film, music videos, and corporate communications, news, and science documentaries.  He researches and writes about climate issues in everyday life. Peter holds a Master of Liberal Arts in Climate Change and Society from the University of North Carolina Asheville. Peter has taught film and stage production at Western Carolina University film studies group. Contact Peter at

Amanda Dean - Scientist and Metadata Specialist, Amanda is a proven leader in biological and environmental science  with exceptional  success in process improvement, strategic planning, team building, and leadership. Amanda delivers uncompromised results with precision and dedication. She has built high-performing teams through leading by example while creating a collaborative culture that supports innovative ideas. Amanda flourishes in complex environments.  With an MS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and a BS Biology and Anthropology, Amanda infuses scientific understanding into the metadata structures at NOAA NCEI. She recently presented Dean, Amanda, et al. “How Mature Is Your Data? CoMET and the DSMQ: An Enterprise Metadata Management Solution.” 2020 ESIP Winter Meeting. Earth Science Information Partners. Rockville, MD. 08 Jan. 2020 (Federation of Earth Science Information Partners) winter meeting Poster Contact:

Robin Cape, a leader in Public Sector Sustainability, advises CASE on public sector challenges as they incorporate sustainable climate-forward initiatives into their policies and practices, knowledge she gained first-hand as both an elected official and as non-profit leader in western North Carolina.  Robin’s tenure as elected Asheville City Council official was marked by policies and initiatives that moved the City forward toward its current status as one of the most sustainable communities in the Southeast. She spearheaded the creation of the Sustainable Advisory Committee for Energy and the Environment, which developed Asheville’s Sustainability Management Plan and set Carbon Emission Reduction Goals, adopted LEED Gold Municipal Building Standards, and created green building and business incentives for the City. Robin also negotiated a unanimous City-County agreement to join the Trust for Public Land, and establish the NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund.  More recently, as a founding member of The Collider, Robin created a center whereby  scientists, data specialists, and businesses can engage with the Asheville based NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

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